Based upon the short-story, "Robots on Titan", a new game is in development. Access the Arena Version of Seal Team on Titan a new science fiction game.

The complete game "ROBOTS ON TITAN," provides the realistic atmosphere, methane, and ethane pools, and robots attacking androids who escape to underground bunkers. You as a Seal Team of the future must combat the robots who have been controlled by an Alien from one of Jupiter's moons.

With space age weapons, combat the Robots and protect the androids in the bunkers. Click on Titan to view and hear video with Flash and Internet Explorer: allow content!!.

SST Deploys to TITAN Flash Player

Download the Multiplayer version by accessing this link.

Seal Team Arena2 with four multiplayers!

After you play the Arena Versions why don't you order the complete versions: Low Price!!!

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Other Multiplayer games will be provided for several levels of SEAL TEAM ON TITAN.

Actual Seal Team training, strategy, and missions were researched to design, build, test, and produce SEAL TEAM ON TITAN!

The Seat Team of the future are called Space Seal Team or SST. When the robots rebel and attack the Androids on Titan the SST is dispatched to annihilate the robots. However, an Alien controlled the robots, and thereby SST must deploy to one of the moons of Saturn.


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   Click for Flash Movie        Current Seal Team (BUD/S: Basic Underwater Demolition Seals Training, Paratrooper, and weapons training) SST must deploy onto Titan with atmosphere of methane, and hydrocarbons.